Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page please call 01462 600 777

1. What fees do I have to pay?
There are no fees to pay at all. We pay for your legal fees. We even manage the whole process for you from start to finish free of charge.

2. How long does it take?
We complete within 28 days, in extreme situations we can complete in 2 weeks.

3. How much will I get for my property?
This depends on your situation, usually 70-80% of the true market value

4. What is the catch?
The catch is we are buying your property below the market value in exchange for a guaranteed sale.

5. Why should I use you?
Because we do what we say on time and the figure we offer is the figure you will get. We also tailor our offer to your specific needs and go out of our way to ensure we give you the best possible options

6. How will I know you will follow through?
Once we commit to buy we ALWAYS complete

7. Do I have to do any work?
No – we manage the whole process for you from start to finish and we instruct a good solicitor for you.

8. What are the hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs – no estate agents fees to pay, and we pay for your legal and survey costs.

9. I am being repossessed tomorrow what can you do?
We are able to stop repossessions in a matter of hours.

10. I do not want my neighbours to know I am selling
We guarantee 100% confidentiality.

11. Why should I sell to you below market value?
You should not yet. We recommend you try your local estate agent first before you try us.

12. How do you establish the true market value?
We look at historical sales and current market trends because what is on the market and what sells can differ by quite a bit.

13. Can you help negotiate my debts for me?
Yes we have a team in place who have negotiated successfully with lenders such as Gemac, GE Money, Kensington, Platform, to help get your debts reduced.

14. My property is in poor condition will you still buy it?
Yes we will buy any properties in any condition

15. Can I sell an inherited property?
Yes once it goes through the probate process we will buy the property from you extremely quickly.