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  • Mr. B (Stevenage) House Sale

    We contacted Property Problem Solvers after seeing their Luton newspaper advert, saying they buy houses quickly in Luton. I had just lost my job and couldn’t afford to pay my mortgage, and couldn’t see any other way than selling our home through the estate agent and leaving. Ralph visited our home and after understanding our situation provided a solution to our problem. We sold our house and this has enabled us to pay off all our debts, get some cash back move on, with no hassle at all. How amazing is that? I never thought that was possible and highly recommend these people and the service they provide.

  • Mrs. S (Stevenage) Problem tenants not paying the rent

    My house had been taken over by the tenants, I hadn’t been paid any rent for 6 months. My house was wrecked by the tenants and I was seriously in arrears and facing the treat of repossession, not only losing my house but remaining in debt. I contacted Ralph to see if they could help and I couldn’t believe what they did for me. Within 2 hours they got back to me with a solution which included removing the tenants in 24 hours to a safe environment and paying for their accommodation for the duration of the notice period. They secured my house, bought it from me and guaranteed my arrears were paid off and gave me what I consider a fair value considering the condition. They did everything they said they would do and I would recommend their service to anyone who has to deal with a costly property problem immediately.

  • Mr. K (Luton) I was going to lose my home

    On the third trip of the bailiffs I decided I had to take action and my mortgage arrears and personal debt. I found these guys and called them. They were in my house that afternoon, provided a solution to my problem there and then. This allowed me to sell the house quickly, pay off my arrears and debt and leave me with a significant sum to move on with. I could have lost everything had I not found them.